Biden DOJ releases document that could determine Donald Trump’s fate

Donald Trump is public enemy number one to the Democrats. He faces a very real possibility of being thrown behind bars. And the Biden DOJ...

Trump just got sold out to the DOJ

Former President Trump knows a thing or two about betrayal. He's had quite a few former "allies" sell him out to his enemies. But this...

Kevin McCarthy just threw a major wrench in Hunter Biden’s plea deal

Joe Biden's son, Hunter, made headlines this week for pleading guilty to gun crimes and tax evasion. But House Speaker Kevin McCarthy just turned...

The DOJ’s war against Trump has backfired against Biden in a big way

Trump's indictment by the DOJ was supposed to finish him once and for all. That's what Biden was hoping for, at least. But the DOJ's...

Merrick Garland was sent a threat from the U.S. Senate that has him terrified

Joe Biden's DOJ head, Merrick Garland, has gone off the deep end. He's completely ignoring the law. But now Merrick Garland has been sent a...

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