Total failure Stacey Abrams just revealed her next move

Two-time Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has never won the Governor's Mansion. It looks like she hasn't learned her lesson. And total failure Stacey Abrams...

Leftists are losing their minds after two Democrats were sent to prison for this massive fraud

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media say that voter fraud does not exist. But that's not the case. And Leftists are losing their minds after two...

Chuck Schumer is sweating bullets over this news coming out of Georgia

The midterm elections were a mixed bag for both major parties. But Democrats are desperate to win a 51st seat in the Senate Chamber. That's...

Michelle Obama just delivered this ultimate betrayal to Joe Biden that has him going berserk

Joe Biden has announced his intention to run again in 2024. But which Democrat will Trump face is still up for debate. And Michelle Obama...

What Nancy Pelosi just did will change elections in America forever

Election security has been one of the hottest of topics for the last two years. And Democrats are trying to take advantage of that. That's...

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